Electıve classes ın Englısh Language and Lıterature – Yaşar Üniversitesi

Electıve classes ın Englısh Language and Lıterature

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring to the attention of academic advisors in particular certain elective classes of a comparative and interdisciplinary nature which will be opened in the Department of English Language and Literature this semester and which we hope will be of interest to students from other departments.

This semester we have elective classes opening in Comparative Literature (ENGL 077) and Visual and Cultural Studies (film adaptations: ENGL 053) as well as, once again, offering interdisciplinary and comparative courses such as “Fairy Tales and their Retellings in Music I” (ENGL 085), “Drama in Music and Literature I” (ENGL 083) and “Turcophone Literature in a Comparative Perspective I” (ENGL 081).

We would also like to remind advisors that ALL literature classes in our department are available as electives to students in other fields.  Students interested in taking an introductory course in literature could be advised to take “Textual Analysis: Fiction” (ENGL 117), “Classical Literature I” (ENGL 119) or “Textual Analysis: Poetry” (ENGL 245).

All of these classes require sound linguistic skills in English; Turcophone Literature in a Comparative Perspective” also requires the ability to engage with a literary text in Turkish.

With best wishes for the start of the new academic year,

Dr. Trevor Hope

Assist. Prof and Chair,

Dept. of English Language and Literature Yaşar University Faculty of Human and Social Sciences Üniversite Caddesi 35-37, Ağaçlı Yol Bornova, İzmir 35100