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Dear candidate of interior architect…

You are in right steps if you have a mind as art, design, drawing and also those make you carry away. These thoughts make addiction and are very hard to give up. It was my ideal. I was dreaming for this job even when I was a little girl. Those were the days I could draw a picture and was supported by my teacher with the words as “You wil be an architect.” So I discovered interior architecture. Then I meet my job. Because this job, this occupation, this school was much more than I imagined. All of us were impressed by words as “If you have not got talent you cannot be an interior architect.” At least you need a drawing ability. After I started my education progress my opinion changed. Because in this faculty nobody was expecting miracles from you. The only expection is to be ready for education and all the things in this education are part of the life itself. Thats all. What you need then? Only love your job with a great passion.

This department makes you remember the meaning of self-confidence and success. Your unique part is to be limitless minded. There is not an one true line in this education. You are free on your own line, always developing and always open to improvement. You have to rebuild yourself, because your satisfactions depends on your pleasures which is inside of your academic career.

Let yourself follow this feelings and give a chance to yourself to be one of us who could say “I’ m from Yaşar University” with proud.