Hello, interior architect candidate, When I was still in elementary school I wanted to talk about the Interior Architecture Department that I dreamed of, as a little bit of someone who has drawn house plans with small lines and interesting stairs on pieces of paper and chose without hesitation. First of all, you should know that the Department of Interior Architecture is a department that requires patience and effort. In the first year, you learn about art and the foundations of design. In later years you learn to develop your analytical skills and start building your own designs with your own ideas. You start by drawing sketches on an empty page, and then you begin to feel the design ideas that form in both two and three dimensions. And I think the next part is what I enjoy the most, where you reflect on your own ideas, your own designs and communicate them to other people. The ability to present the imagined designs in a concrete language and see what you have accomplished is really worth every challenge you experience. I have learned many things both academically and professionally in every project that I have lived for the last four years. I can say that I have gained a lot of experience with each step by recognizing different places in each project, starting out with different thoughts and revealing different designs. In these processes, our instructors share their experiences with us and that they contribute important values in the field of education as well as art and culture. If you think you belong to this environment, to immerse in art, if you want to create your own designs and dream of realizing the works that you have designed one day, you should choose Yaşar University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and join us.