Hi, I’m Leman Özgür, The Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Yaşar University, which started with design education as a basis, also provided intensive training with course contents such as design history, technical drawing trainings, digital and computerized design training, construction techniques and methods, environmental factors control, furniture design and professional practices. Our design education supports individual creativity, where students and academicians collaborate not only within lectures but also through group work. The workshops, seminars, exhibitions, juries and INARfest program organized by Yaşar University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design offers students a variety of experiences, and we are inspired by the speeches of the experts in the sector in many seminars and workshops on different issues.  We are also able to design together in the workshops and we have the chance to exhibit our designs in the jury and exhibitions.

Before choosing Yaşar University’s Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department, I noticed that the department was under the Faculty of Architecture and that it offered double major and minor programmes with the Department of Architecture. When we got our first design education, I realized that the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design was closely related, and I thought that the design issue was considered as a whole. So, I started at the Department of Architecture, in the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. In this process, the presentations of our academicians and their approaches to design have inspired me and they supported every success that I have shown academically.

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design candidates who are dreaming to present a product for people and design better living spaces, you will encounter many difficulties in academic life, but you have to overcome all the difficulties.. In education, you will find answers to questions such as how an Interior Architect thinks and what design is good or not. Your dreams should always be on a large scale, if you say that you want to overcome design difficulties, you can be sure that you are in the right place.