Students who want to take courses from another university during summer school period must follow the steps given below:

  1. The course syllabus, which shows the content, credits and language information of the course / courses must be sent to the instructor who gives the course / courses you want to take in our faculty, via e-mail. In this e-mail, the instructor should be requested to review the course syllabus and to send you an e-mail by filling in the blanks of appropriate/not appropriate part of “Summer School Instructor Approval.docx” file (the first paragraph should be filled in by student). In addition to English version, “Yaz Okulu Öğretim Elemanı Onayı.docx” should be also filled in by foreign instructors.
  2. A request to take a course from another University in the Summer School should be made by e-mail to the Department Chair. This email’s subject should be “Taking a course from another University in the Summer School”. This e-mail must include the followings:
      • Course/Courses List that the student wants to take
      • Course Syllabus for each course (must include ECTS, course descriptions etc.)
      • Summer School Instructor Approval (please also forward the instructor’s email to department chair)
      • The lecturer who gives the course in our faculty and approves the syllabus should also be included in the CC. section of this email.
      • If student’s request approved by Department Head, then “Yaz Okulunda Bir Başka Üniversiteden Ders Alma Dilekçe Formu” (available in in Documents) must be filled in online (Signature is not required for online applications.). All the attachments that are requested in this form must be attached to this form (Course description, ECTS[1], language of the courses[2], course syllabus, the opinion of ………………….. who gives the course in our faculty) in a pdf format.
  3. After the approval of the Faculty Board, the course(s) can be taken by another University in the Summer School.
  4. After the course is completed, the transcript containing the grade information of the course taken from the other university should be forwarded to the Faculty Secretariat via email. (It is very important to forward it to the Faculty Secretariat as soon as possible before the course selection period not to face any problem during the registrations of the new semester.)
  5. The status of the student will be evaluated by the Faculty Board. After the approval of the Board, student affairs will be changed student’s grade automatically in the system.

[1] The course credit will not be the same with the equivalent course credit in Yaşar University, instead, the course credit from another university will be valid. Missing credits must be completed by taking elective courses.

[2] The language of the course taken from Another university must be English.

Yaz Okulunda Bir Başka Üniversiteden Ders Alma Dilekçe Formu 2020_online

Summer School Instructor Approval

INAR 3320 and INAR 4420 courses will be opened at Yasar University during 2019-20 Summer School. For details: