INAR 502

Project Name: Re-modeling existing buildings with regards to the refunctionalization of the historical Bedesten complex located in the core area of the town of Tire (Izmir Province) to be converted into a Gastronomy Center

Course Name: INAR 502 Adptive Re-use and Technology

Instructors: Assist.Prof.Dr. Ebru Aydeniz, Lec. Sergio Taddonio, Res. Assist. Ebru Bengisu.

Name of the StudentIsra Kırlar, Elnaz Barry

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INAR 502

Project Name: Re-functioning Çakaloğlu Han

Course Name: INAR 502 (Design and Culture)

Instructors: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Gülnur Ballice, Assist.Prof.Dr. Ecehan Özmehmet, Res. Assist. Ebru Bengisu.

Name of the Student: Sahar Asadollahi, Ecehan Kıvılcım

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