Notes for Add-Drop week – Yaşar Üniversitesi

Notes for Add-Drop week

Dear students,

You will find some helpful notes about Add-drop week below:

  1. The courses below take more students. Please consider these firstly if you will register to more electives or if you haven’t registered to an elective yet:
  • INAR351
  • INAR481
  • INAR270
  • INAR380
  • INAR471
  1. The student numbers will be increased for the course below. It will take place on 26th September, at 11:30. Please follow it via your advisors:
  • INAR251 Section 1: 5 INAR+5 ARCH student
  • INAR251 Section 2: 5 INAR+5 ARCH student
  • INAR480: 4 INAR student
  1. Second sections for the courses below will be opened soon. Please follow it:
  • INAR290: Egemen Tamcı. Thursday 16:30-19:20. L002
  • INAR421: Işık Örsel İmir. Tuesday 12:30-14:20. L201
  • INAR461: Orlin Pontremoli. Monday 17:30-20:20. N001