“THRESHOLD” Mimarlık Fakültesi Öğrenci Yarışması Duyurusu – Yaşar Üniversitesi

“THRESHOLD” Mimarlık Fakültesi Öğrenci Yarışması Duyurusu


2017-2018 Year-End Exhibition 



This year, Yaşar University Faculty of Architecture’s 2017-2018 Year-End Studio Exhibition will be organized around the theme “THRESHOLD”.

During the semester, both in Architecture and Interior Architecture & Environmental Design departments, each studio in every level will approach this theme from a different angle, always in reference to one of the definitions of the term, and through design problems formulated to inquire its application into different contexts with varying degrees of complexities.

In addition to the studio projects, the exhibition itself will reflect the theme as well and we would like our students to be involved in this process.

That is why we invite our students to join this competition to design the graphic identity of the exhibition by proposing designs for:

  1. Exhibition Poster;
  2. Banners (x2);
  3. Name Tag;
  4. Invitation Card.



This competition is open to students of Yaşar University Faculty of Architecture.

Students can enter either individually or in groups.

Each individual/group can only submit one entry.



All requested digital files in high resolution (PDF format) will be submitted via lectures page.

Submission deadline: Monday, March 5th (14.oo)


PRIZES  (sponsored by OFİSSER | Kırtasiye – Dijital Baskı)

1^ Prize  700TL  (voucher)

2^ Prize  500TL  (voucher)

3^ Prize  300TL  (voucher)


To download the Competition Brief, please click here.