Hello, I am Elif Yurtsever. I had graduated from Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department at Yaşar University. Studying Interior Architecture and Environmental Design was my biggest dream and this dream came true thanks to Yaşar University. I am very happy to be a student under the Yaşar University’s slogan ‘Science, Unity, Success’.

Feeling Yaşar University’s increasing quality, its being in a constant quest for innovation, is an excellent feeling from the first moment I stepped into the university.  We spend more time in Yaşar University than in our house and Selçuk Yaşar Campus is designed as an environment where you don’t feel yourself alone on campus. I am proud to be an Interior Architecture and Environmental Design student on this pleasant campus.

I began to look at with different eyes to buildings, environment and interiors since I started this department. If I ask ‘Can you read a building?’, your answer will be ‘impossible’ but it’s not impossible! Most enjoyable aspect of studying this department is to read a building or design, understand, interpret, and make the journey from ancient times to the contemporary. To be able to become a good designer, in addition to the experts in the field of cumulative and experienced instructors who offer us facilities, Yaşar University provides us many other facilities such as large studios, adjustable tables and to be able to get computer drawings, there are also printing machines available in our campus. I am proud of getting education in Yaşar University because it aimes to make students’ lives easier.