As a high school student who spent the entire life by drawing papers and walls even through the childhood years, I was always dreaming about being ‘Designer- Interior Architect’. After I graduated from the high school, I met with Yaşar University during my searches for the universities. Within 4 years I spent into the Yaşar University- Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Faculty, I got the luck of gathering an individual awareness and vocational qualifications and improving these kinds of skills while being a part of educational and pleasurable project and workshops. The FreeHand Drawing courses which I took in the first years of the my educational life, made easier to draw my imaginations on the paper and help me to create 3D models of my drawings, also these help me to express my design in architectural way. By the help of Computer Aided Design lessons which are taken in the beginning of second year, I became skillful at understanding the atmosphere that I created in my mind as a visual, and explaining my ideas to the audience more realistic. Moreover, by the help of workshops which are arranged with other universities and architectural firms, I learnt the important points to take into consideration in the business life and the business discipline besides the design languages of the firms that have a voice in business life and the points they considered, and these helped me to develop myself intend to my career. Briefly, this university- faculty played an active role on reaching the consciousness a person should have, the vocational qualifications which is necessary for an interior architect and the sensitive which a designer should have for the environment and humans.