Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Yaşar University:

The main aim of our department which has been active since 2004 and which takes place under the roof of Faculty of Architecture is to educate interior architect candidates who will create qualified interior space environments; who have all the knowledge, skills and competences that the field of interior architecture and environmental design requires in accordance with the disciplinary definitions; who form the interior architectural designs by taking the requirements of the user to the center; who produce original interior space projects and who interact with the contiguous disciplines (architecture, industrial design, visual communication design) and in addition, with the other art and design fields. Emphasizing the conventions and values peculiar to the discipline of interior architecture is another aim of our department.

Interior architects and environmental designers who graduate from our department are expected to be sensitive towards professional ethics, research-oriented, entrepreneur, ethical towards cultural heritage as well as nature, self-confident, critically thinking, following  current design discourses, open to innovations while seeking for the conventions of the discipline.

Various courses are presented to our students under the modules of courses such as studio and practice based courses, presentation and digital technologies, history/theory, construction/detailing. The studio courses taking place in each semester are carried out in an integrated way with the other two courses in the semester; therefore, the flow of information is provided. What is meant by “environmental design” is the environmental issues related to interior space, that is the integrity of the design decisions performed in a way that will influence “the health and safety of the occupants, including air quality and circulation, temperature control, ergonomic layout, physical circulation plan and related matters” (NCIDQ_Definition of Environmental Design).

We expect candidates of Interior Architect and Environmental Designer who wishes to join the family of Yaşar University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design after assessing all these qualities of the department.

Assist.Prof.Dr. Zeynep TUNA ULTAV
Department Head


Highlights of the Department:

Adaptive Re-use and Energy Efficiency in Design

Many must and elective courses towards energy efficient interior spaces and adaptive reuse as the research areas which our department focuses on are one of the qualities that make our department different. In addition, the students are expected to catch the innovative design methods with the must and elective courses in the field of digital/computational design.

Specialized Academic Staff In Relation to Each Module

In our department, there is a significant amount of academic staff of full time professional instructors in the areas listed above, and staff covering the part-time instructors who are professionals in practical fields of interior architecture, architecture and industrial design.

The Variety of Extracurricular Activities

The workshop studies bring the students together with the professionals from the sector, the technical excursions which support the course contents and the student project exhibitions are among our activities.

Collaboration with the Department of Architecture

Our department is in a tight interaction with the other department of the faculty, Department of Architecture, in terms of both the courses and academic staff and the activities carried out in the faculty. Furthermore, our students have the chance to have a minor or a double major in the Department of Architecture.

The Relationship with the City

We have contributions to the city of İzmir in terms of design relying on our collaborations with the local authorities in İzmir.


With 100% English language instruction, our department provides students with the student exchange and training mobility for 1 or 2 semesters with the partner schools in EU countries within the framework of Erasmus+ Exchange Program. In addition, the university provides the opportunity of education in non EU countries for 1 or 2 semesters.

YUMAK (CAD-CAM Laboratory)

Enabling the students to produce their own design projects along with the environment of human scale premises, CAD-CAM laboratory (YUMAK) can be considered to be one of the most significant physical conditions of the department. At the same time, it is significant to highlight the fact that we play a pioneering role in the sense of internationalization through the foreign students who are pursuing their education in our department.

RITM Group (Restoration, Intervention, Transformation, Modification)

RITM is a research team focusing on restorationinterventiontransformation and modification issues with regard to the historical built environment. Through academic research and educational experiences, the RITM team aims at promoting and discussing contemporary issues related with the ‘positive’ conservation and re-use of the architectural heritage.