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World Interiors Day – Design For All Design For Elderly

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gülnur Ballice, Assist. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Tuna Ultav, Res. Assist. Sevinç Alkan Korkmaz, Res. Assist. Ebru Bengisu, Res. Assist. Eda Paykoç


Within the scope of World Interiors Day organization conducted by IFI annually, a 2-day-long activity was organized with the collaboration of Yaşar University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department (YUIAEDD) and Narlıdere Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center for Elderly (NNHRC).  Theme of 2015 which is “Design for All” was confined as “Design for Elderly” with the aim of a more focused event.

In the seminar presentations which took place at the first part of the activity, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz Hasırcı (İzmir University of Economics) presented “Social Barriers”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yaprak Öz (Bilkent University) presented “Design for All to More Peaceful Life”, Assist. Prof. Dr. Yasemin Afacan (Bilkent University) presented “The Importance of Public Bathrooms in the Active Participation of Elderly into City Life”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çağrı İmamoğlu (Bilkent University) presented “The Change of Living Spaces of Elderly and Place Scheme”, Architect (M.Arch) Banu Binat and Architect (M.Arch) Neslihan Şık presented “TAG Platform – Design for All” and Architect Görkem Şimşekkan “Industrial Design in Interior Space for Elderly”.

In the second part of the activity, 4 different workshops were conducted by professionals.  Yaşar University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department Students proposed relevant design ideas/proposals related to the workshop content for the defined spaces in NNHRC.

In Workshop 1 with the title of “How They Perceive?” conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yaprak Öz, it was aimed for students to perceive the environment from elderly people’s point of view.  With special glasses, students observed their surroundings like how elderly people observe and as final product, they proposed a manifesto about how the environment/interior spaces should be designed for all.

In Workshop 2 with the title of “Live with me 24 Hours” conducted by Architect Banu Binat, Architect Neslihan Şık and Dementia Coach Figen Erkaan, it was aimed for students to fictionalize an elderly person’s daily life in a theater stage and experience the obstacles they faced.  At the end of this workshop, one group of students designed a video which mentioned the true and false applications for elderly people’s house whereas asecond group of students designed a space in NNHRC as daily care service unit.

In Workshop 3 with the title of “Interior Space and Furniture as Communication Method” conducted by Interior Architect Metehan Özcan and Res. Assist. Ebru Bengisu, it was planned to transfer collective life experiences of nursing home residents to other generations through oral history. In this work which mainly focused on the process rather than the final product, students converted several furniture as well as material names they heard for the first time into a memory dictionary.  Through this, information and experience transfer between different generations were experienced.

In Workshop 4 with the title of “Would You Play with Me?” conducted by Lec. Ceren Polat and Res. Assist. Eda Paykoç, students designed a new game which combined elderly people’s physical activities with a given spatial concept.

At the end of the workshops, students made their presentations which included their projects, gained experiences and information obtained. The event ended with a colloquium.  It is believed that this 2-day-long medium made good acquisitions both for participants, students, nursing home managers/residents and city dwellers in terms of creativity, imagination, and exploration of design passion.  The first attempt for transferring these gains and the awareness about interior design to larger masses was also shared through a radio programme. In the programme “70+” broadcasted on 30th May at “TRT City Radio İzmir” radio, the meaning of “World Interiors Day” and the importance of “Design for All – Design for Elderly” was mentioned.

It is believed that this activity made worthwhile contributions for making Yaşar University students understand the definition of “good design” which covers culture, professional life and information to create more inclusive environments and value, attention and responsibility to make lives easier covered in IFI 2015 World Interiors Day Declaration.  The ability of “good design” to change the life, proposing healthier environments for parts of society with different needs (age, gender, health condition, disability, etc.), making each single individual to live in lively conditions through creating better spaces, and the awareness of the power of gathering different communities are the other gains of this organization.

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Güzelbahçe Street light Furniture Workshop

Assist. Prof. Dr. Fatma Esen Taylor, Müveddet Utkan, Yasemin Derici


INAR 361 Urban Furniture Design

Creating a critical perspective to the layers of Mithatpaşa Street, identifying the requirements for street light furniture design by collaborating the principles of industrial design.

IMG_5402 IMG_5377 IMG_5397 IMG_5379

Theatre & Space

Actor Onur Saylak


INAR 470 Professional Practice – Lec. Cengiz Ultav, Lec. Can Külahçıoğlu

IMG_5402 IMG_5364 IMG_5437 IMG_5447

Steel Staircase Systems

Industrial Designer Berk OLÇUM


INAR 220-210 Integral Interior Design Studio II-I / Assist Prof. Dr. Gülnur Ballice, Lect. Sevda Balcioğlu, Lec. Orlin Gürel, Lec. Burcu Kundak, Res. Assist. Çiğdem Çetinkaya

The aim of the workshop is to learn contemporary details and design approaches on stairs both for residential and public areas. Related with that, students were performed on their own semester project, consider about details and modelled convenient stairs for their projects.

20150410_183141 IMG_1148 IMG_1041


Lec. Serdar Asut

30.03.2015 – 03.04.2015

INAR 450 CAD/CAM & Rapid Prototyping – Lec. Serdar Asut, Lec. Bilge Göktogan, Res. Assist. Cemre Ugurlu

FlexiMold is a Human(!) Numeric Control apparatus which will enable us fabricate double curved surfaces by working with half digital half organic data in collaboration with TUDelft.

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Sevcan Sönmez, Lec. Roberto Cavallini, Cenk Sönmez


INAR 310 320 Integral Design Studio III-IV – Assist. Prof. Dr. Ebru Aydeniz, Lec. Sergio Taddonio, Lec. Rana Ballar, Lec. Dr. Beria Bayizitlioğlu Rodwell, Lec. Etem Ülkütaş, Res. Asisst. Yarkın Üstünes

The aim of the workshop is to promote and experience the narrative and aesthetic potentials that film-making and DIY digital media can provide to design studies in the architectural field.

Please click here for more information about “Playground” workshop.

RITM_Workshop_2_Visual_Analysis_Tire_PLAYGROUND_Brochure-1 10982135_10204495333878317_9181664129763241751_n 11034059_10204508182159516_5130991047599058023_n sdad

Creative Drama

Ezgi Yorulmuş


INAR 110

Lec. Türkan Çetin

Workshop program has fictionalized with activities of ‘ ‘ creative drama ‘ ‘  for basic design studios, aimed to develop  participants  awareness and creativity levels. It will improve the learned information about elements and principles of design. The Workshop consists of two stages. The first step is preparation for the second phase of the design process. It consists of creative drama activities that support the expected gains in design process. Design phase; consists of design a 3D volume related with ” texture-pattern ‘ ‘ and combining 3D volume with the principle of repetition and prepare presentation of mounting with resulting pattern’s photos.

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Lec. Tuba Doğu, Lec. Melis Varkal,  Lec. Rana Ballar, Res. Assit. Nazlı Yatağan, Res. Assit. Ebru Bengisu


INAR 361 Urban Furniture Design

Lec. Rana Ballar, Res. Assit. Ebru Bengisu

Creating a critical perspective to the layers of Mithatpaşa Street, identifying and juxtaposing them by using digital media.

yüzey workshop (5) yüzey workshop (3) yüzey workshop (2)

Furniture Design for a Pre-school Educational Environment

Dr. Burçak Altay


INAR 310-320 Integral Design Studio III-IV

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Başak Kundakçı Koyunbaba, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ebru Alakavuk, Lec. Sergio Taddonio, Lec. Rena Ballar, Res. Assit. Ebru Bengisu, Res. Assit. Didem Dönmez

Working in groups, students were asked to design a furniture-set for a specific activity within the pre-school environment, considering safety, stability, ergonomics, modularity, flexibility, color and materials.

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CAN GENGÖNÜL / Yacht Design



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