DERS KAYIT DUYURUSU – Yaşar Üniversitesi




  • 2nd year students should take only one elective course in the spring semester according to the curriculum. INAR 2251, INAR 2252 and INAR 2290 elective courses are recommended for 2nd year students.
  • INAR 4490, INAR 4474, INAR 4476 elective courses are not recommended for the 2nd year students.
  • INAR 3370, INAR 3384, INAR 3364 elective course is recommended for the 3rd and the 4th year students.INAR 3360 is highly recommended for 3rd year students.
  • Elective courses from upper classes (including UFND courses – e.g. UFND 6120) should not be recommended for the 2nd year students.
  • UFND 6120 is not recommended for 3rd year students who didn’t complete INAR 3334 Professional Practices for Interiors.
  • Please pay attention to SOFL1101 and 1102 courses. Due to limited course quota students who repeat the SOFL course should select the SOFL course before the faculty electives.
  • For some SOFL sections, there is no lunch-break with INAR studios. Please pay attention to these sections on Thursdays and try not to select them.
    • SOFL 1101.01-1101.02 -1101.023-1101.03-1101.13
    • SOFL 1102.01-1102.09-1102.12-1102.17-1102.20-1102.25-1102.34-1102.43-1102.46-1102.52
  • INAR 4410 & 4420 courses will be held in C113. Please don’t consider if X001 class is written in the OBS system.
  • For further questions regarding the regulations, you can consult:
  • Assist. Selin Güleroğlu (1st year students),
  • Assist. Begüm Sena Önal Özmalatyalılar (2nd year students),
  • Assist. Özüm Karadağ (3rd year students),
  • Assist. Selin Aktan Abraham (4th year students).